Heta Hyttan – a sustainable glassworks in Piteå, Sweden

Heta Hyttan is a traditional glasswork in Piteå (Norrbotten, Sweden) with genuine working methods – but its founder Linda Isaksson is far from traditional in her entrepreneurship. Linda tells the story of a company, and an entrepreneur, in continuous development on the journey towards sustainability.

Linda took the classical glasswork education at the prestigious Orrefors, Sweden, before becoming her own boss. She says that today the glass industry is mainly automated. She describes her own glasswork as a living museum with creative craftsmanship and a modern touch. Sustainability is important in every aspect and in Lindas work, reuse of material is the foundation of the glass making process.

When starting the sustainability journey at Heta Hyttan, Linda begun with dealing with a real energy thief – the melting pot. She shifted to electricity driven ovens allready in 2010 and after that she just continued on the same journey with other aspects of the company. Today she describes that there is a thought almost behind everything, from the reused packaging to the upcycled second hand furniture in the shop.

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Blogpost by
Amanda Mannervik
Strukturum, Sweden