Cleanest in Sweden – Jokkmokk!?

Calle founder of Plockenader i Jokkmokks kommun

Instead of letting it punch them down, Calle and Maria decided to do something about all the litter they found on their walks.

Calle, 4 years, and his mother Maria that lives in Vuollerim, Jokkmokk Municipality, used to clean up litter from nature when out walking with their dog. One day, after a particularly littery walk they decided that they wanted to do something more. In june 2020 they started the initiative “Plockenader i Jokkmokks kommun”, which translates to something like “walk and pick up litter in Jokkmokk Municipality”. Today the local Facebook group have around 200 engaged members that keep posting about their litter findings. The local ÅVC (municipality service that takes care of recycling etc) have supported the initiative with “plockenad-kits” with reflective vests and litter bags. Maria says that a similar initiative started in the neighboring municipality Boden after getting inspiration from them.

Maria gives us four strong arguments on why you shouldn’t litter:

  1. Litter is injuring the animals.
  2. Litter is harming nature.
  3. Litter is creating unsafe environments.
  4. Litter is costing a lot of money.

Read full blogtext (in Swedish) here.

Blogpost by
Amanda Mannervik
Strukturum, Sweden