Recycling Station and Store in Jokkmokk

Magnus Vannar is the cleaning manager in Jokkmokk municipality who, among other things, works at the recycling station where they recently started a recycling store –Återvinsten / the reconstruction- during the spring.

We visit him at the store on 30 June for a tour at the shop. “The 31 May the store ”Återvinsten” was opened, a recycling store in Jokkmokk located in the same area as the recycling station. Everything at the store is recycled, the sign and even the name, the interior and of course the products.” – Magnus informs us. The response of the people in Jokkmokk has been good and the first week they sold for around 20.000 swedish crowns. All the products would have been thrown away, but they were recovered by the recycling station and have now been given a second chance. The price of the products in store is only a symbolic cost. “The whole idea is to get useful products back on the market so they can continue to be used instead of being discarded. All of the products are classified and checked by the staff before they are approved to be resold at the store. This is to ensure that it is only functional products that are coming back to homes.” Magnus continues.

Magnus´ vision and wish is that more people will shop at second hand stores. Stores that can sell products of good quality. At the same time the customers will get the opportunity to buy something recycled, instead of buying new products all the time. In that way we can reduce our impact on the planet. ”We want to prevent people from buying a new shovel that breaks after one use. Instead customers can visit us and buy a recycled shovel made of old solid metal that has lasted for fifty years and will, for sure, last for another fifty.” Magnus says.

However, Magnus says it hasn’t been easy to start a recycling store that has its foundation at the recycling station because of the limitations set by laws and regulations. But he emphasizes that if you start to see possibilities instead of limitations you can accomplish a lot.

One of Jokkmokk municipalities goal is to be really good with cleaning with possibilities for recycling and circular lifestyle for everyone. 

Thank you Magnus and “Återvinsten” for the lovely visit! 
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Blog post by,
Leila Nutti, Project manager, Strukturum Jokkmokk