Business Opportunities in Green Economy 17/3/2021

Business opportunities in green economy

What could a Green – and Circular Economy offer in terms of new business opportunities? Get inspired by experts and startups from Finland and Sweden.


  • HENNING GILLBERG, Founder of Repamera
    The circular startup Repamera call themselves ”the tailor of all Sweden” since they work with an online based platform and serves all Sweden with repairservices for different types if garments. They recently started a cooperation with H&M and are now present in H&M stores with their bags.
  • JUHO SÄRKIJÄRVI, Arctic Rental
    Through his company, people can enjoy the arctic wilderness alone or with friends using high quality rented equipment suited for all seasons.
  • JOHANNA KUTUNIVA, Project Manager at CircLab
    Johanna Kutuniva is working in Ii Micropolis Ltd. They have a nutrient demonstration environment, CircLab, and are also building a company network around circular economy.
  • PETER NILSSON, Marketing Manager at Smart Recycling
    Smart Recycling is reinventing the way recycling works in your neighbourhood by making it smart and digital – and more resource efficient.
  • JARI MARJETA, Marjetas Oy
    Marjetas Oy incorporates circular design in providing services to improve municipal roadways in an economically responsible way.

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