Blue Economy

Sustainable Fishery in the Baltic Sea

Reducing the nitrogen and phosphorus load in the Baltic Sea by promoting more sustainable fishery.

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Sustainable Fishery and Fish Products in Norway

Reducing the waste of fishing and aiming for more ecofriendly Nordic wildfishing in Norway.

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Canned Wild Fish

Utilizing Finnish coarse wild fish in canned fish products instead of tuna from abroad. The product has been so famous in Finland that is is often sold out.

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Biodiesel from Fish Guts

Creating biodiesel from fish guts offers an affordable and clean source of fuel, where the amount of diesel is as much as the amount of fish guts.

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Promoting the use of Underutilized Fish Stocks

Promoting sustainable use of waters and bioeconomy by using more fish in food products, clarifying the operational preconditions of the fish farming and increasing the processing of manure.

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Fuel for Buses from Fish Guts

The Röde Orm bus company in Åland uses pure fish oil as a fuel for buses, instead of fossil fuels. The product is an environmentally friendly option to diminish carbon dioxide emissions.

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Efficiency Program of Water Protection

The Finnish Ministry of the Environment aims to develop activity, education and knowledge through an efficiency program to establish a projection for water protection.

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