Green Transition in the Rural Arctic 31/5/2022

During the GRUDE-project, we have gathered and shared knowledge about the different possibilities for green shift in our region. In this final conference, we ask: What is next? What needs to be done to get the green shift in the rural Arctic going? ♻️🐟🌿🔋

To discuss this, we have invited several keynotes to present promising avenues for future initiatives, and give thoughts on how we can work together, across businesses and sectors, to leverage the potential that our regions hold.

You are warmly welcome on board on 31 May at 13-16 FIN time and 12-15 SWE/NOR time!


And our other talents

Collaboration Workshop 19/5/2022

In the GRUDE project’s last Greennovation Camp in March, we kick-started a networking process with a goal to find partners and develop new ideas for green transition in the rural Arctic.

The process continues with two online events in May, and we warmly welcome everyone from municipalities, public authorities, enterprises, research institutions or associations!

The Collaboration Workshop on 19 May, aims at bringing together the public & private sectors in the Nordic regions, who want to contribute to the transition towards green economy.

In the workshop you will have a chance to:
1) work on and develop new ideas, as well as
2) find partners for project development.

The Collaboration Workshop will be held in English.

13 – 15 FIN time and
12 – 14 NOR/SWE time

Please register by filling in the online registration form by 18.5.2022.
You will receive an Agenda prior to the event via email.

The final phase of the process takes place on GRUDE project’s final conference on 31 May.

Find out more on the event page!

Green Transition – Greennovation Camp 29/03/2022

Greennovation Camps are international innovation- and green economy focused online conferences that bring together local government officials, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and many others.

The theme of our last Greennovation Camp on 29th of March is: Green Transition – Promoting Circular Entrepreneurship in the North! 💼 The event is virtual and hosted in Zoom. Scroll down to read more about the event or to download the full PDF-invitation.

Should you have any questions about the event, please contact: Swedish project-coordinator Amanda Mannervik at Strukturum – Jokkmokk Business Service,

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Nordic Circular Summit 23-26/11/2021

Nordic Circular Summit is a four-day digital summit exploring the circular economy in the Nordic region, hosted by Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Innovation. Join us to learn about the region’s tremendous circular opportunities — with events offering insight, discussions, news and forecasts on topics like circular cities, ocean solutions, fashion and home furnishings, business and finance, food, energy, manufacturing and much more.

With our broadcasting platform set up for matchmaking, exhibitions and dialogue, you will be given the opportunity to interact with speakers and participants throughout the event. Together we will break down barriers and silos, and initiate new projects and collaborations, with a mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the Nordics.

In the event, GRUDE will be hosting a session called Circular solutions for rural areas which highlights sustainable solutions that take into account the special qualities and requirements in rural Arctic areas. The session includes concrete examples about circular solutions from the north of Sweden, Norway and Finland. In addition, we will host a panel discussion and present results from Environment Analysis conducted in the project. Our session will take place on the first day of the Summit on 23 November.

GRUDE PRE-EVENT: Circular Solutions for Rural Areas

14:30 – 16:30 SWE/NOR time
15.30-17.30 FIN time

GRUDE in Greening the Rural Arctic, Reeta Sipola, Lapland UAS / GRUDE project

Summary Analysis of the Regional Green Economy Reports, Laura Vidje, ELVA Hållbara AB

Green economy cases:

Case 1: Sjy Seaweed, Leonore Olsen

Case 2: Ii community, Johannes Helama


Case 3: Smart villages, Juri Laurila

Case 4: Sami traditional knowledge – living in symbiosis with nature, Lena Viltok

Case 5: Brighteco, Joel Smedberg

Panel discussion with the cases: How do we make rural communities great places to live and work? Hosted by Laura Vidje.

Nordic Circular Arena, Kine Jakobsen, SINTEF Nord / GRUDE project

We’re looking forward to see you in the Summit! 💚



Nordic Circular Summit is FREE OF CHARGE, open for all, and an official World Circular Economy Side Event, hosted by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and its partners.

Harvests from Bioenergy Projects 9/11/2021

Welcome to the international bioenergy webinar on 9th of November!

The aim of the webinar is to present a selection of the latest results from bioenergy related research and development projects; it is a harvesting time of bioenergy projects! In the webinar we hear experiences from different bioenergy cases, e.g., using biogas or pyrolysis for heating purposes. We also get an introduction of a Biogas tool – a free software for calculating biogas production potential and feasibility (now available also in English and in Swedish!). In addition, cascade use of wood bark and good practices in storing the wood chips are presented.

Webinar programme and schedule

(FIN time, Sweden and Norway -1h)

10:00 Opening

10:05 Biogas tool to boost farm-scale biogas production (Erika Winquist, Luke)

10:30 CBG heating pilot (Markus Hirvonen, Karelia AMK)

10:50 Challenges and solutions of storing of bark and wood chips (Johanna Routa, Luke)

11:15 Cascade use of softwood bark (Petri Kilpeläinen, Luke)

11:35 District heating system based on pyrolysis of wood biomass, a case-example (Jukka Lokka, Luke)

11:55 Closing words

Registration link: The participation link will be sent by e-mail closer to the event.

More information in Facebook and in Nordic Circular Arena

Event is organized by Grude, HandiHeat, Haiku and SIMSBioPro projects.

Sustainable Blue Economy – Greennovation Camp 26/10/2021

Greennovation Camps are international innovation and green economy focused online conferences that bring together local government officials, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, etc.

The theme for our fifth Greennovation Camp on 26 October is: Sustainable Blue Economy 🐳
The European Commission defines blue economy as «All economic activities related to oceans, seas and coasts. It covers a wide range of interlinked established and emerging sectors». Thus, the blue economy is linking economic exploitation of the ocean, as well as inland waters to sustainable and environmental ecosystem. It involves many industries such as oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, shipping, coastal tourism, offshore wind power, seabed minerals and marine biotechnology. Further, sustainable development must include cross-sectional cooperation, as public sector, county councils and municipalities are key players in realizing sustainable development and the sustainability goals.

How can private and public sector stakeholders achieve together the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 which calls on the world to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources? How can we develop the blue economy in a sustainable way for the future?


Norwegian project-coordinator Kine Jakobsen at SINTEF Nord in Tromsø:


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European Rural Entrepreneurship Voices Forum 22/9/2021

In addition to interesting keynotes and comments from rural entrepreneurs, the Forum will include thematic workshops for envisioning what the rural areas will look like in 2040 in terms of organic production, smart farming, circular economy, rural tourism, food chains, and peripheral opportunities.

The Forum is organized by the Rural Future (the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development EAFRD). Partners from across Europe have been invited to carry out the thematic workshops. GRUDE is in charge of the circular economy workshop – we hope to meet you there!

Link for registrations and more information:–6nc

Sustainable Tourism Certificates 9/6/2021

The aim of the webinar is to increase knowledge about different sustainable tourism certificates and programs, as well as their use in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The purpose is to strengthen cross-border networking and co-operation with different stakeholder groups and to Influence and inspire the attitude about sustainable tourism and green economy.

More information will be published in Facebook.

Sustainable Arctic Tourism – Greennovation camp 11/05/2021


Apply to the event via the following link:


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Service Design in Municipalities 30/3/2021

Service Design, or user-driven innovation, how could it be used in Public Sector and with the aim to create more sustainability? Listen to inspiring examples from Sweden and Finland.


  • SARA TUNHEDEN, Project Manager at Innovationsguiden (The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)
    Sara will give us an introduction to the topic. What is Service Design in public sector and how could it be used?
  • JAN KEMI, Project Manager at Folkverkstan
    The Interreg-project Folkverkstan aim to create local meeting points for sustainability. A place where you could repair and upcycle your gear. Folkverkstan are trying to create a «cookbook» for repair of everyday products, based on service design.
  • KARI LÄMSÄ, Service Manager of Helsinki Central Library Oodi
    Kari Lämsä has been involved with the planning of Oodi from the beginning, and his area of responsibilities at Oodi are its partners, events, and premises. Kari is particularly interested in how Oodi’s service design and participatory projects change the physical space and customer service.
  • HANNU RIPATTI, Business Creative at Passi & Ripatti Oy
    Hannu has over 20 years of experience in development, marketing and service design. In addition to project work for clients, Hannu is a sought after speaker, coach and workshop facilitator on topics such as service design and customer experience.

Register by 29th of March the latest. Registration: