Nordic Circular Summit “Circular solutions for Rural Areas”

At the 23d of November 2021, GRUDE hosted a 2 hours pre-session event during the Nordic Circular Summit. The session was called “Circular solutions for Rural Areas”, which highlighted sustainable solutions that take into account the special qualities and requirements in rural Arctic areas.

Reeta Sipola started with an introduction of the project before Laura Vidje from Elva Hållbara presented her work she had done, with the external analysis on sustainability, conducted in the GRUDE project. She continued with moderating the whole event with its five case presentations and afterward a panel discussion. The session was ended with a project presentation with the importance of networking.

The case presentations included concrete examples about circular solutions from the north of Sweden, Norway and Finland. It concluded Sámi traditional knowledge by Lena Viltok, Leonore Olsen from the Norwegian company SJY Seaweed, Johannes Helama from Ii municipality, Juri Laurila from Smart Villages concept in Finland and Joel Smedberg from the Swedish company Brighteco. 

The session was streamed and recorded and is available to see after the event also. Just join the Nordic Circular Hotspot and you will find the recordings here:

Nordic Circular Summit was a four-day digital summit, hosted by Nordic Circular Hotspot and Nordic Innovation during 23-26th of November, exploring the circular economy in the Nordic region. It was the second year the Summit was held, and this time it was divided in to so called pre-session at the first two days, followed by main session with panel discussions in the last two days. 

The GRUDE event got good feed-back and relevant questions from the audience, and they were interacting good with the speakers.

Thank you, Nordic Cirular Hotspot and Nordic Innovation, for this year’s Nordic Circular Summit event!

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